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The project is now firmly back under way due to my other commitments - well - changing drastically - I'm no longer engaged for a start.

Like I said in the 2002 archive I was hoping to have the rims taken down to the metal and just high polished, not painted if it can be helped, by the boys at
Spit n Polish

Looking very dull and pitifull before.
Well Whitehorse tyre in Croydon sorted me out on that front 020 8689 2474, they sent them all off to Spit and Polish for me and a few days and £45 per corner later they came back looking one heck of a lot more sexy.

Mmmmmmmm bowling ball alloys, (Seen above, pictured in my other car) The "Knight Rider" project support vehicle,
ok so it ain't a ten tonne black "semi" like the one in the tv series LOL,
BUT it is a top of the range MG Rover 25 iXL which serves as my every day motor very well.

Check the private number plate out ;o)