2002 Archive
Well the project took a back seat since around May last year (2001) due to other commitments that were very important to me...

However in November / December of last year (2001) I spunked way over the top on these original bowling ball 15" Alloys, "original" they cost me more than I was initially told they would cost to source and have imported from the U.S. by a big margin :O(

Also "original" being the operative word... They are all in need of a decent referb I'm afraid, which was a bit down heartening to say the least considering the price I paid for them.

The picture doesn't really show but one of the rims is a goldie colour and two of the caps are black, one is chrome and one a dull gray at the moment. All in various states of repair... I was gutted after fronting up the money and getting what I received in return... The wheels are not AS rare as I was made to believe - I have to learn to be less trusting... :O(


I'm hoping to have the rims taken down to the metal and just high polished, not painted if it can be helped, but that depends on the gold one I think, will have to chat to the boys at www.spitandpolish.co.uk I guess.

Needless to say really that I was totally cheesed off about this and I doubt very much if I will ever contact Rod Harris for any other parts that I need, which is both a shame and a pain because he is the U. K. Contact for Markscustomkits

Take a look at their site tho, some of the gear they reproduce for KR replicas looks fantastic in the pictures

Still the current and more pressing concern is that the M.O.T failed:

1st test produced four failure points:

Full beam not working.

Seat backs don't lock.

Steering column play.

Breaks 27% out at the front.

They couldn't find it! FIXED

As with most U.S. vehicles, won't until the car is in motion FIXED

Ouch could be costly

Surface rust on disks etc due to car only doing about 15 ml in the last year, just needs a long run!

So with the steering column being pretty much the only yet worrying thing wrong with the car I booked the vehicle into American Autos for that and the faulty auto close trunk release to be looked at...


UPDATE - Booked car in at American Autoparts of Croydon: 020 8684 7737

Switch replacement on order for trunk release £36 notes = tidy... My dad and I had been farting around for ages trying to troubleshoot it and change the solenoid etc... It turned out to be the switch.
OK so they took the Air bagged wheel off, the four bolts behind which they said were a common cause were actually tight, and they think it's nothing to do with the bushings as the 1st (crap) M.O.T centre had said - the wheel is height adjustable and they think its just the spring mounted catch giving a little, when excessive force is applied.
They feel it poses no danger and offered to run it down to the M.O.T centre they use for me as the car was now out of M.O.T, anyway 2nd attempt, they failed it too but just compare the failure points!?!?
Full beam on side not working = intermittent, Must be a loose connection, will sort!
Emissions Co2 7%
Hole near door sill, ...................................Small welding job needed...

Letting American Autos deal with this at time of writing...
It was the 1st time I'd ever had to put a car through MOT as my main car is always a leased one and brand new cars do not need to be MOTed until they are 3yrs old... I was shocked at how the 2nd place found different things wrong that
A: had not been failures at the 1st place
B: that the 1st place didn't fault emission tests or the hole, Ahhh the nightmare of M.O.T's being anything but an exact science???!!! Next year I shall know which test centre to take it too ;o)


They dealt with it got it retested and it passed (phew) I also let them do some more welding that didn't strictly need doing as it was not a failure point but was an additional comments from the inspections.. A stitch in time and all that malarkey ;o) I wanted some other bits n bobs done too while it was there - cost about £450 in total.



Fitted Cat 1 alarm system, one of the Clifford G4 range www.clifford.co.uk

I had been planning to do this for ages cos a serious muscle car should have a serious anti-theft system.

You can fit remote start to this alarm which will mean I can start my car up without being in it, via a button on my key fob - so it's a Knight Rider mod too... Imagine seeing my car in a car park after it's done and all those memories of the tv show filling your head when all of a sudden it starts up with no driver inside ;o)

Now this is a very sophisticated alarm system and should only be fitted by a pro - it is also very expensive, best part of a grand and with intelistart as well it takes it over the £1k as this was not my only nor my most important commitment...

I lapped it up when a friend of mine that I had told about wanting this system told me he knew someone called "Ollie" who worked for Directed Electronics (Owners off Clifford) he put me in touch with the guy and he gave me a better price than I could get from a Clifford dealer and said he was a fitter and he could do it one weekend...

Well naturally I thought great - you can't get better than to have a guy who works for Clifford come and do it, so I paid him some money up front as a deposit so he could go buy one of the systems he could from Directed at staff rate...

To cut a long story short he spent one Saturday fitting it and said he had to go about 5pm but he'd be back in the morning to finish off - he seemed very nice guy as well as trust worthy at the time and like a fool I paid him for his days work, needless to say it all went a bit "Pete Tong" and the sniveling piece of goat's scrote just gave me excuses after excuses after that - very emotive ones like "my fiance has had a miss carriage" What could I say to that "I promise I'll sort it out next weekend mate" Now I believed him - who the hell would make something like that up? but the excuses just kept coming and it was all getting a bit too far fetched...

So not wanting to be ripped off I drove my car (With a half finished alarm in and a good section of my dash out) down to Directed where he worked and guess what - he'd done a disappearing act - he had not been turning up for work, as it was a private job which they do not condone I couldn't get much help from them, I was out of pocket, with a half plumbed in alarm, and my mate could not get a hold of him after that either... Needless to say if he ever does rear his thieving head again - he'll wish he hadn't...

Thankfully Car Radio Alarms in Sutton 020 8661 1122 agreed to take the half done job on and finish it to Cat 1 Standard - without that Cat 1 certificate well it doesn't bare thinking about, should save me some wedge when I re-insure my car, god knows it's expensive and hard enough to do that at my age (21) I should have just taken it to Sutton in the 1st place and gotten it in the neck paying whatever it would have cost from my nearest and dearest. It cost me more in the long run... That's what comes from trying to save money for other things like a home - it clouded my judgment - ha it's easy to pick things apart with hind site... Ollie - YOUR A TOTAL T****R

  • They were not able to fit the Intelistart unit for me at the same time for two reasons, most importantly they said it was not Cat 1 approved, also it seems I need a bypass unit for the OEM Pontiac imobiliser. Well I want that certificate so I'll have to sort the intelistart thing out at a later date.

Autumn 2002

I have found some one in called Reiko in Phoenix Arizona who is selling his M.C.K Knight Rider replica front bumper for $450 now this is a good deal considering he can also get me a non-skirted rear bumper for a further $50 - I'll buy them from him depending on how much shipping something that big is going to cost and on picture proof of the bumpers existing and being ready to ship...

Bumpers update #1

I've seen pictures and am in constant contact with Reiko on this - all seems well - he's trying to sort out shipping quotes.

Bumpers update #2

He managed to get a reasonable quote from "UPS freight" freight due to the size of the box - bumpers for such a car are big, I would have thought sea freight would have been cheaper but no, it works out fairly dear either way unfortunately... The deal is about to go go through because he's satisfied me that he's genuine and has sent me details of the ups quotes etc..

Bumpers update #3

The money has cleared but there is a big problem - as he was filling out the final paperwork for UPS before they were to pick up the shipment he came across a box on the form that wanted company tax code - obviously he called them and asked if he must leave that box blank or have they sent him the wrong paperwork as this shipment is private... The operative from UPS freight told him that they do not do "private shipments" through the freight division since "Sept 11th happened"

Why wasn't he told this at the beginning?? Stupid company, wasting both of our times and now we have to start over - looking for another shipping company who can do it for the same sort of money, cos I'm not transferring any more money ;o(

Bumpers update #4

Finally I have found a company that can do it out there, "Allied Pickfords" I've passed Reiko the info and mailed a contact there myself, hopefully we can get this where it should be now (In my possession)

My insurance has expired now so the car is off the road because of that I'm not renewing it at this time because desperately need to get on with saving towards a flat to buy, as all other avenues have been fruitless so far.

Further update

Things are dragging on with the bumpers :O( There is a reason - Reiko's other half - it's not for me to comment on but he isn't having a good time of it - he has promised me he will sort it out but although I know he's not making it up and is very annoyed / depressed over his current situation I can foresee this dragging out even longer and that's not a good thing seeing as I've paid my money and have nothing to show for it - I hope he keeps his word and that this doesn't mess this up - I also feel for him but that was my down fall with the "Ollie saga" in the end. :O(

I will not be happy with Reiko if he doesn't send these bumpers soon.

Year end

Still not got the bumpers, Reiko has taken a job as a long distance truck driver apparently after the split up of him from his wife - obviously I can't get a hold of him to talk to as much online because of this and have had only one email in the last 2 weeks explaining his situation to me - again he says he will get my bumpers to me and that he has no intention of ripping me off, it'll be done when he is next in Phoenix to arrange it. I'm fed up with this situation, I loathe to spend any more of my savings on the car until I get my bumpers. They had better materialise, because I will persue this one!