In 2006

I bought the dash shell, I opted to go for the 4th season dash board which was the single screen design. The 1st and 2nd season of Knight Rider had a similar dash, but with the earlier 2 tv design. Here are a couple of 'being silly' snaps of it as I received it.

This dash was purcahased through Jacob Wyatt and thankfully I didn't get ripped off by him (although I've since heard a few scare stories).

As you might imagine, the dash shell is one of those Firberglass items that will require hours of work, cutting, smoothing and sanding until it looks good enough to paint. Installation mounts will need to be made, recesses chopped out - for now you'll have to 'think' of how it will look rather than see it done. Because it's in storage, I cannot begin with the dash work until I have KITT's VOX interface and ignition countdown electronics send over from a custom outfit in the U.S.

If you've been reading these pages chronologically you'll have read the tail of woe I had with the Bumpers that con artist Reiko in Phoenix fleeced me for. If you are intending to build a replica like mine it really is worth using the forums to do a bit of research into who to buy from and who to avoid, there are alot of con artists and cowboys in wait, the cowardly bastards rely on the long distance to avoid face to face confrontation / a smack / all out revenge.




Parts of KITT autographed by the stars of the show in the Autumn.

On 11th Sept 2006 in Borders Book store Oxford St. London, the Hoff was doing a book signing for his autobiography, 'Making Waves'.

I happened to be first in line for autographs - and I'd taken a piece of interior trim which then was signed by the man himself whilst he autographed the book for me, he wrote #1 on it indicating it was the 1st signing and announced that it was the first of his books he'd signed in the UK. (Proof below, sat in my display cabinet)

Above, the Hoff, I spoke to him briefly - whilst he basked in the glare of press photograophy. As you can see he lapped it up.

Stoked with achieving the goal of getting the car part signed, I didn't have the sence at the time to collar one of the paps to get one of the tens of photos snapped by them of me with the Hoff who made a big thing of me being presented with the #1 book.

I called and at his request emailed the supposed 'press event manager' at the book store back and forth for a few months who assured me he would be able to obtain such a photo of me with David, rather than just put me directly in touch with one of the photographers which he said was not possible, but the end result was Borders never came good on that assurance.


Later that month I had the same item that David signed autographed by William Daniels - the voice of KITT, which took place at the Collectormania 10 event, :MK mall, Milton Keynes.